want to understand

I want to understand what they are saying, but I can't hear the Japanese I have studied.

Don't know where to satart

I want to study Japanese, but there are so many teaching materials that I don't know where to start.

want to make local friends

Studying Japanese, but not having the opportunity to use it. I want an environment where I can talk with Japanese people.

anytime anywhere any way

I want to study Japanese, but I'm so busy with my daily work that I can't find a study method that fits my schedule.

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What is GLOCAL'S?

Global + Local = GLOCAL's
To enliven the local community with a global perspective! We are a large group of staff and international learners who want to make the local community more exciting with a global perspective.

How to learn?

   3points to understand the cause and               learn Japanese effectively
1.Have a clear purpose for learning Japanese, such as when, where, with whom, and what to talk about.
2.Know exactly what method is right for you, and be proactive in exposing yourself to the Japanese language environment in areas that interest you. 
3. increase your opportunities to actually speak Japanese! This is the absolute secret to improving your Japanese!

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¥9000 / mo.
  • 6people(max)
  • 90mins
  • native Japanese teacher
  • local community
  • free digital drills
  • family discount※


¥13000 / mo.
  • private lesson
  • 60mins
  • native japanese teacher
  • local commnity
  • free digital drills
  • twice a month ※
  • family discount ※


¥8000 / mo.
  • private
  • 50mins
  • flexible schedule
  • free digital drills
  • native Japanese teacher
  • learn what you like

2021 new schedule

※The opening schedule changes monthly. Please contact us for details.

the best learning method for you?

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GLOCAL'S INSTRCTORS 2. hometown 3.hobby

Hello everyone. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of students who are eager to learn Japanese due to the remarkable popularity of Japanese subculture, food, and traditional culture. That makes us really happy and motivated. GLOCAL'S has been renovated in 2021 with unique teachers to provide lessons for busy students. We will do our very best to give enjoyable and practical lessons for everyone.
1.Yuka Stopyra 2.Okinawa abroad & watching movies
Thank you for being interested in Japanese. I'm really glad that you like Japan and Japanese culture. I can help you to use real Japanese in a daily life in Japan. When you can use what you learned here, you will be happy. And I'll be happy, too. Let's enjoy learning Japanese together!!
1.Inaba Miyuu 2. Tokyo 3. snorkeling & watching dramas
Miyuu sensei
Japanese teacher (Classroom & Online)
in preparation
KANA sensei
I've been teaching Japanese for almost 8 years at universities, companies, Japanese language schools, and various Starbucks, but I've never once thought of this as a "job". This is true. Every time I see my students, I feel that time is passing quickly. Even on my days off, I often go out to eat or have a picnic with my students. They help me when I have problems abroad, and I help them in Japan. When we transcend the relationship of student and teacher, I feel that this world is one. It's a wonderful job, well, it's not a job for me. Anyway, teaching Japanese is a part of my life, it's like breathing. I would like to breathe together with everyone. 
1. Nishimura Naoya (Nao)  2.MIe  3.Pickleball & making pickles n vege curry
Naoya sensei

Frequently asked questions

In one-on-one lessons, the learning content is set according to the learners’ wishes. In group lessons, the lesson content will vary depending on when the class starts. Please contact us for details.

It is double the price of one lesson per week, ¥26,000.

Yes. We offer a hybrid course, which means that you can take a private lesson and a group lesson once a week. The price is ¥20,000, and the number of lessons is limited.

If you miss a lesson you will be provided a make up lesson. Either by attending a different class day or by attending the Language cafe on thursday to cover the lesson you missed. We will not refund the class if the student misses a lesson.

Yes, I do. We have regular social off line events with Japanese students who attend our English classes. You can also talk with Japanese students before and after lessons, or at the language cafe on Thursdays.  

Cash and credit card payments are accepted.

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